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Recommended PDU Learning Categories1

While all Project Management Academy training courses have PMI pre-approved PDU credits with pre-determined alignment to the PMI Talent Triangle®, we have developed six unique training clusters based on common student interests and the latest project management trends that help you meet your PDU needs through real-time, virtual, instructor-led trainings.

Select a category that interests you and see the recommended curriculum and Talent Triangle breakdown.

PMI Talent Triangle Breakdown

The PMI Talent Triangle Breakdown

Possessing the technical skills of project management is no longer enough. Project managers now need business and leadership skills as well. Project Management Institute (PMI) defines this combination of skills as the PMI Talent Triangle®. Fulfilling the requirements of the triangle can seem confusing and complicated—but there are many ways to achieve these requirements that can not only allow you to meet the PMI Talent Triangle® requirements but also further your knowledge and skills.

Technical Branch

Ways of Working

In today's dynamic business landscape, it is critical to be versed in multiple ways of getting work done. Ways of Working PDUs will allow you to master a variety of business practices so you can apply the right technique at the right time.

Strategic Branch

Business Acumen

The success of your organization largely relies on making good decisions. Professionals with high business acumen have a firm grasp on how their projects align with broader organizational strategy and global trends—information that leads to strong decision making.

Leadership Branch

Power Skills

Successful people run successful organizations. But what makes them successful? Power Skills cover the interpersonal side of management, including collaboration, leadership, communication, mindset, and empathy.

Maintaining Requirement Notice

A PMP credential holder must obtain a minimum of 8 PDUs in each leg of the PMI Talent Triangle® to fulfill their requirements. If you hold another PMI certification, your PMI Talent Triangle® requirements may vary - please review our Maintaining Your PMI Certifications page.

Fast Pass to the PMI Talent Triangle

Three courses to meet the PMI Talent Triangle® minimums for your PDU requirements

We have bundled three courses to help you meet the PMI Talent Triangle® minimums for your PDU requirements. Over three days, you will cover a Leadership topic, a Strategic and Business Management topic, and a Technical topic, consistent with the skills described in the PMI Talent Triangle®. At the end of this series of courses, you will have the necessary skills and hours to satisfy the PMI Talent Triangle® requirements.

Fast Pass to the PMI Talent Triangle

Recommended Live PDU Courses:

Interpersonal Communication for Project Leaders

Problem Solving and Decision Making

Strategic Risk Management

Bundle All Courses

*Note: Courses can be taken in any order and are not required to be taken within the same week.

The Strategic Project Manager

Courses that enhance your business acumen to improve your understanding of strategic business objectives and their implications

Building a project manager's overall business acumen can have significant benefits to an organization and help individuals see how their work fits into the "bigger picture." As individual project managers enhance their ability to think strategically and collect a broader set of skills, they begin to possess the agility needed to stay in sync with an organization's often-evolving business strategy.

The Agile Project Manager

Courses that enhance your ability to navigate and lead in agile project contexts

Mastering multiple ways of working within an organization is a critical skill set for project managers in today's business landscape. Organizations rarely "flip a switch" from one project management approach to another, so modern project managers must remain flexible and aware of traditional, hybrid, and agile project management approaches to maximize their impact on an organization's project outcomes.

(Super) Power Skills

Courses to elevate the softer leadership skills required to successfully manage projects in today's environment

Research shows the most successful organizations are those that empower their people. However, doing so requires leaders to possess the frameworks and tools that help to build a productive culture. As project managers, it becomes critical to elevate your skillsets in areas such as collaborative leadership, trust-building, and empathy to effectively navigate complex and often ambiguous situations. Doing so is often said to give you organizational "superpowers!"

The Change Maker

Courses that provide the tools to help you be a leader of change within your organization

More than ever before, organizations are in a seemingly constant state of change. But to make major organizational shifts successful requires a thoughtful approach to people management and dedicated change agents. Changemakers are skilled in their ability to help stakeholders manage the maintenance and modification of current-state practices in preparation for the change outcome. We offer several courses that teach best practices around embarking on major changes within an organization.

The Certification Seeker

Popular certification prep courses that complement the PMP® certification

The pursuit of additional certifications can serve as a career accelerator that provides an opportunity for experienced professionals to certify their knowledge and grow their skillsets. Whether you are looking to secure a promotion in your current organization or looking for a new opportunity, having multiple credentials associated with your application is a great way to enhance your credibility and marketability, all while maintaining your initial certification.

As experts in certification test prep, we offer many courses that give you the training, instructor guidance, and study aids needed to be successful in your pursuit of another certification.

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