Project Quality Management for the PMP®

The Project Management Institute (PMI)® includes quality tools, processes, and management in the Project Management Professional (PMP)® certification testing. The PMI defines “quality” in the A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide) as: “the degree to which a set of inherent characteristics fulfills requirements.” Quality management-focused questions on the PMP exam are driven by knowledge of cause-and-effect diagrams, flowcharts, histograms, scatter diagrams, matrix diagrams, and affinity diagrams.

Those who seek to become a PMP® credential holder need to know quality matters for all work types and project methodologies. Anyone taking the PMP® exam should expect to have their quality management knowledge assessed on the various quality tools and their uses. Project Quality Management questions on the PMP® exam may include more than just understanding tool definitions, but also tool comparisons or scenarios in which one is asked how to manage quality processes.

Ultimate Guide to Data Quality for the PMP

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Data Representation in Quality Management

When preparing for the PMP exam, project managers should have a firm grasp of Quality Management and Planning Tools, by both definition and the visual way in which they display data. A data representation generated by using one of the quality tools can not only convey risks and impacts but be used in monitoring progress and periodic status reporting. Project Managers know data representation in quality management enables complex information to be conveyed to multiple stakeholders in an efficient manner.


Concepts in Quality for the PMP® Exam


In the context of the PMP exam, quality management includes topics that can be confusing for less experienced project managers if you don’t take the time to study them in detail. Use sample PMP exam questions on quality management to assess your understanding of common topics.

Increase the Quality for the Product

Project Management Academy CEO, Jason Cassidy, believes that business leaders and project managers both need to speak the language of quality. Quality should not be ignored by leaders. When a project manager and others responsible are working through the quality measures in the process, leaders must keep in mind the broader impact on cost and brand that make quality efforts so strategic to the entire company. As a CEO, Jason takes pride in the quality of the training PMA deliver. PMA is diligent about the materials we create for customers and the instructors we hire to represent our organization.


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